Sodaba Haidare is a journalist and reporter at BBC World News focusing on Afghanistan - her place of birth.


After the Taliban takeover in the 1990s, Sodaba and her family moved to Pakistan to live as refugees. After 9/11 she went back to Kabul where she lived and went to school until 2005.


She specialises in original multi-platform storytelling and produces and reports international news stories and breaking news across the BBC. She has an interest in South Asia, global religions, refugees, women’s rights as well as social media and Bollywood.


Sodaba was previously the BBC’s Global Religion Reporter where she regularly produced exclusive interviews and documentaries.


Sodaba is fluent in five languages including Dari, Urdu and Pashto. She is formally trained as a Bilingual Reporter by the BBC World Service.  


Sodaba has a degree in BA Journalism from City University London.